I profoundly hope that the idea on common education shall take root in Japan.To realise Common education is “the social work to bring up man as rational man”. Fostering hard natural human abilities without regard to their retardation in every children and bringing up independant personarity with social judgement and intellectual faculty are our social common duty.
 Japanese Constitution article 26 established that all people has right to receive education and shall be obligated to have all boys and girls receive common education.
 These are based on fundamental idea of the Constitution and principles of education,and they are great epoch constitution for the world.
 However, idea of common education under the government long-term educational policies  has been excluded or has been ignored.In 2006y.,the Fundamental Law of Education has been worsened,it requires that boys and girls should be nation  than man.
  But,the Japanese Constitution has not been changed.  With the Treaty of Right of Child  we must protect and develop the Constitution article 9 and article 26 as national movement.
  If the idea of common education shall realize, all boys and girls until 18 years old including little child  can receive free common education without regard to their retardation and private or public school.
  I hope to communicate with various peoples of common education and enlarge the system of common education.And I hope to change the government educational policy one based on the idea of common education. Standing thus my desires ,I opened  this home page. Please use my page well.