Chapter I  Concept and Character of  Common education v


  Section 1  Unsolved Common Education in the field of Education in general.


  Section 2  Definition of Ordinary Education


Chapter II  Principles of Ordinary Education


  Section 1  Bringing up people as people in the universal sense.


  Section 2  Relations with “Bringing up People” and “Bringing up Citizens”


  Section 3  Individuals as a united whole of personality (individuality) and humanity (universality)


  Section 4  People develop through stages


  Section 5  Academic achievement equals abilities required in common education


  Section 6  Aim of the common education


  Section 7  One’s personality is formed to the completion by common education


Chapter III  The structure of common education


  Section 1  What is it to structure the curriculum?


  Section 2  Subjects are to be regulated for the multifaceted nature of abilities


  Section 3  Over the curriculum standard


  Section 4  Meaning of changes of the curriculum guidelines


  Section 5  Elementary school curriculum guidelines revised in 2008


  Section 6  Question about the “more relaxed” (Yutori) policy again


  Section 7  Education content sought by common education


  Section 8  Work of teachers and common education


Chapter IV  Process and Expedient of Common Education


  Section 1  Learning in the context of common education


  Section 2  Ways of class from common education perspectives


  Section 3  Guidance is inevitable


  Section 4  Empiricism cannot bring up people


Chapter V  Relations between common education and changes in society


  Section 1  Common education and social change


  Section 2  Lifelong learning concept also towards realization of common education


  Section 3  Common education supported by family and community


Chapter VI  System of Ordinary Education


  Section 1  Who requested the institutionalization of common education?


  Section 2  Common education age


  Section 3  No tuition for common education


  Section 4  Theory of school division retrograding in history


  Section 5  Textbook system based on the concept of common education


  Section 6  Teacher training and common education


Chapter VII  Who should proceed with / What should precede the common education system?


  Section 1  Who exercise the right of education?


  Section 2  Parliamentary democracy and common  education


  ection 3  Educational administration and common education


  Section 4  Educational finance and common education






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